Sometimes our blog tries to surprise you with suggestions that are unconventional and definitely, not mainstream, because we believe art is about risking and transformation forces as well about beauty. Don't you?

As a photo uploaded to our Instagram account we know you follow in real love says 'Culture is not just great texts, it is also Oohs and Aahs', this time art stories join both into Anna Peters' Caso de Estudio as this Friday is our Featured Exhibition of the Week.

Let us tell you a little bit about this great opportunity to learn about brave women making art in the spanish sixties panorama. A slight overview on Anna Peters' work which will be shown at IVAM untilNovember 22th.

With the lema Political mythologies and feminine stereotypes in the Sixties, the exhibition shows artworks and history of the 4 women founders of Estampa Popular, which brought pop art style and iconography taken from the mass media to the spanish conservative morality official dull years of that times. A challenge they faced to influence  a large number of artists, women or not,  who came after her.