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Ulster Museum: A dip into Irish art & history!


Welcome to Northern Ireland, land of beautiful cliffs, cozy pubs and cool museums! Our protagonist for today is the Ulster Museum in Belfast.

The building itself can be found in the university area of the city, situated in the beautiful botanical gardens. When exploring this museum, visitors will travel through time: they’ll face a Edmontosaurus dinosaur skeleton, a polar bear and even military uniforms from Modern History. They can touch a piece of Irish rock coming from almost 1,800 million years old or get lost in the vast collection of fossils, pottery and ceramics.

When you do make your way to the largest museum in Northern Ireland, make sure to have the CloudGuide app downloaded and ready – because the brand new tour ‘ A Young Persons guide to the Ulster Museum” is now available! This special tour is composed of objects, carefully selected by people between the ages of 16 and 25, as part of the project “Reimagine Remake Replay” which is funded by National Lottery’s Heritage Fund. A project designed to engage young people with museums using the latest technologies and museum collections #reimagineremakereplay.

In addition to the permanent collection, the Ulster Museum currently have three temporary exhibitions on display: “Elements¨, dedicated to all the science enthusiastics (available until February 2020), “Fashion & Feminism” (available until June 2019) and “Making Her Mark” (available until October 2019), both focused on women in the fields of fashion and painting.

Visitors play a key role at this museum, in fact, various activities are offered in order to increase the learning factor for every museum visitor. From talks to workshops, from arts to science, everybody (children and adults) are invited to experiment throughout the several areas of the building.

Thanks to the variety that the Museum offers and to its ability to link the past and the contemporaneity, the Ulster Museum was also included in the international coalition of “Sites of Conscience”, the global network initiative that connects past struggles to todays movements for human rights.

If all of this wasn’t enticing enough, the Belfast Museum is also holding a very special piece currently on display. Are you part of the GOT (Game of Thrones) fanclub? Well if you do fall into that vast majority of people today then you’ll want to see this: a 77-metre long Bayeux style tapestry representing the recap of all seven seasons of Game of Thrones, no worries they are keeping some room for the last one – which will be added in June!

Ready for a trip to Northern Ireland? Download the CloudGuide App and you are good to go!

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