CloudGuide has been chosen by the Spain Tech Center to participate in the third Immersion Program created by Icex, and Banco Santander, and managed by Opinno, which consists in a two-day training in Madrid and two intensive weeks in San Francisco.

During the Immersion Program, companies will attend over 35 workshops and will conduct visits to the most advanced technology companies in the area, including Google, Dropbox or Eventbrite. They will also have the opportunity to meet a network of experts in innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as entrepreneurs and executives with extensive experience in Silicon Valley.

The program's objective is helping 10 companies to take a strategic decision on whether it is the place and the right time for their company to be established in the US market.

These companies will accompany Cloudguide in this adventure: BeOnPrice, Ezzing, FonYou, LeanXcale, Mint Labs, Start & up America, Subtix, TechRules and Yosko, which have been selected from more than 95 applicants. They all have a product or service that stands out for its technological prowess, a business model that works and market acceptance.