The Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas located in Madrid is one of the oldest museums in the city and is a captivating place, illustrating the evolution of industrial or “minor arts” such as ceramics, glass and textiles. Beginning life as a research and learning facility rather than for tourism, it now houses around 40,000 pieces with emphasise on 16th and 17th centuries with a significant number of Arabic world items.

Currently the museum is housing the dual exhibition los díez en los campos expandidos. Diseño de producto y poesía visual, until September 2nd. Presented is the work of the Díez formed by Madrid based brothers, the industrial designer Javier Díez and interior designer José Luis Díez in which objects from the field of product design collaborate with pieces of visual poetry. Beginning their careers as designers the brothers developed products which complied with the standard binomial form and function. Later however they started to rehearse with self-commissioned artefacts in order to generate objects linked to visual poetry playing with their forms and meaning. They have employed a dual dissociation of tasks reaching high levels of quality, establishing an isolated and relevant event in the Spanish design scene in which it has not been well received to “artistize” the products or cross disciplinary boundaries until recently. Curated by Juli Capella visitors can explore the two creative facets of the Madrid studio Diez.

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