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Museo del Traje. CIPE

The Museo del Traje’s permanent exhibition of clothing traces the development of fashion from the 18th century to the present day. A careful selection of garments and accessories recounts the connection between social practices, aesthetics and identity throughout the centuries.

The Museum also has areas devoted to solo artists, such as Mariano Fortuny, whose historical costumes stand out for the beauty of the fabrics, and the great Cristóbal Balenciaga in the field of haute couture. The Learning and Multisensory Area, adapted for visitors with visual impairments, explores aspects such as the evolution of the figure and the historical transformation of garments. Through a varied programme of temporary exhibitions and activities, the Museum showcases its extensive collection and, aside from visits, offers a complete experience built around the world of clothing.


The Museum of Costume is accessible by the majority of visitors with some physical disability.

  • Exterior accessibility

The Museum can be reached easily by public transport. The nearby Metro stations (Ciudad Universitaria -line 6- and Moncloa -lines 3 and 6-) provide elevators which access the street level from the platforms. Approximately 500 metres from the Museum, all the access routes are practicable with pavements where the differences in levels have been adjusted in accordance with the current accessibility regulations.

The majority of the EMT (Madrid Transport) buses which cover the area (lines 46, 83, 133, F, G, I, and U) provide access ramps and special areas for the disabled.

The access to the Museum from street level has no steps, including the pavements which have been specially adapted.

For greater ease of access, visitors using weelchairs are recommended to use the entrance in Paul Guinard St.

  • Interior accessibility

The coffee shop, Museum shop, temporary exhibition room, multi- purpose room and garden are at ground level, with no steps to negotiate.

Access to the Permanent Exhibition rooms and the pedagogical workshops, the library and the auditorium on the first floor is provided by two elevators for 16 people and sufficient space for three wheelchairs at the one time.

The exhibition itself is conceived on one level only without any steps and with a minimum width which allows wheel chair access at any point.


BUS: Lines 46, 82, 83, 132, 133 and G.
METRO: Moncloa (L3 and L6) and Ciudad Universitaria (L6).


REDUCED: 1,5 €.
FREE: Saturdays from 2:30 p.m., Sundays and holidays: 18 May · 12 October · 16
November · 6 December.
Reduced and free admission: Ask for further information at the Ticket Office.


OPENING HOURS: next days Tue  09:30-19:00
Wed  09:30-19:00
Thu  09:30-19:00
Fri  09:30-19:00
Sat  09:30-19:00
Sun  10:00-15:00

Av. Juan de Herrera, 2
28040 Madrid



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