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Museum de Gevangenpoort

Earlier, in the year 1280, this building was the imposing main gate to the castle of the Counts of Holland, now known as the Courtyard. In the fifteenth century, in 1428, it was for Gate Court also a prison. Here defaulters were imprisoned and accused criminals waiting for their trial. A century later, the port was expanded with the gajolen (the cells) and the courthouse.

Prison and jail

Suspects were locked up in the dark and cold gajolen awaiting interrogation and trial. That could take months, but detention was until the 17th century, no punishment in itself. It involved fines, banishment, reproach to, corporal or capital punishment. Famous patriots like Cornelis de Witt and Dirk Volckertszoon Coornhert have been detained in the prison gate. They stayed in a private, luxury cell: Knight House.

Prison museum

Four hundred years, the Prison was a prison. In 1828 the port was abandoned. It has survived two nominations for demolition, one in 1853 thanks to Minister Thorbecke and one in 1873 thanks to the patriarch of the national monument the Victor Stuers. Since 1882 the Prison is a museum.


Museum of the Prison
Buitenhof 33, The Hague

T. 070 3460861
E. info@gevangenpoort.nl

Own transport
From Utrecht take the A12 towards The Hague. From Rotterdam traveling via the A13 to Amsterdam Prins Clausplein, and follow the A12 towards The Hague. From Amsterdam, follow the A10 towards The Hague and then the A4 to The Hague, to Prins Clausplein, and follow the A12 towards The Hague.

The nearest car parks are Noordeinde (Heulstraat) and Square. These are within walking distance of the Prison. Hague center parking applies everywhere paid.

A secure bicycle just around the corner, on the Buitenhof.

Coaches can let off passengers at the door. The Prinsessegracht is a bus stand.

Public transport
From The Hague Central Station is a 10-minute walk. The museum is easily accessible by tram or bus. Plan my trip through 9292.nl.


The Prison Museum shares its entrance with Gallery Prince William V. You can choose to buy an economical combination ticket that allows you to visit both museums.

gatehouse combination GWV
adults € 7.50 € 10.00
Children t / m 12 years € 5.50 € 7.00
CJP / Culture Card € 5.00 na
Ooievaarspas / PEP pa s adults € 3.75 na
Ooievaarspas children € 2.75 na
Rotterdampas free na
Museum Card / Friends / ICOM / association Rembrandt free free


OPENING HOURS: next days Tue  10:00-17:00
Wed  10:00-17:00
Thu  10:00-17:00
Fri  10:00-17:00
Sat  12:00-17:00
Sun  12:00-17:00

Buitenhof 33
2513 AH The Hague
South Holland


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