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Petroff Palace

The Petroff Palace is Moscow’s most hospitable and exquisite palace, a unique example of eclecticism in the Russian architecture.

The Petroff Palace is Moscow’s most hospitable and exquisite palace, a unique example of eclecticism in the Russian architecture. Gothic, baroque, classicism, and the Old Russian architecture have become one in this masterpiece of the renowned Matvey Fyodorovich Kazakov, the favorite architect of Empress Catherine the Great.

According to annals, construction of the Palace started in 1775 and proceeded sweepingly. The occasion was truly festive – it was decided to construct the Palace in commemoration of the successful completion of the Russian-Turkish war that lasted from 1768 to 1774.

The Palace was used as a shelter by Napoleon Bonaparte, who had to find refuge there when Moscow was in flames. The stay of the French Emperor and his army in Moscow left a heavy imprint on the Palace, which was almost totally destroyed. It was only during the reign of Nicolas the First that the Palace was restored by the great Auguste de Montferrand, who had built Saint Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg.

The Palace was used for a long time by the Imperial Court in travel from St. Petersburg to Moscow, but after the Great October Revolution its intended purpose changed drastically. The Palace housed an air force school of the new state that was subsequently turned into the Air Force Engineering Academy named after N.E. Zhukovskiy. Mmany cosmonauts and Heroes of the Soviet Union, in particular Yu.А. Gagarin, А.G. Nikolaev, V.V. Tereshkova, and А.А. Leonov graduated from the Academy include.

Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, it was decided to re-establish the Palace’s former intended use, and now it is a museum and an architectural monument, the Reception House of the Government of Moscow, and a boutique hotel with 43 rooms, a spa center and a restaurant.


When driving from the city center: turn from Leningradsky Prospekt (stand-by) to the right to the Pravaya Dvortsovaya alley. In 60-65 meters there will be cast-iron gates and you will see the flagpoles, where you need to drive in. Our boutique hotel has both ground and underground parking to leave your car.

+7 (495) 401-76-67


Entrance to the Petroff Palace is free of charge but you must have your passport with you. The visitor is not able to visit the exposition located in the historical halls of the Palace without possessing a ticket from the Museum of Moscow. There may be restrictions on the availability of the Palace for visiting due to special events requiring a high degree of security.

Attention! You can leave a request for our special offer "Behind the Curtains of the Palace", which includes accommodation, a private tour of the Petroff Palace and pleasant gifts. Applications for excursions without accommodation are not processed, we ask you to contact the Museum of Moscow at the following contacts.

A group tour of the Palace also takes place during Sunday brunch at the Palace.

Information about excursions in the historical halls of the Palace from the City Excursion Bureau of the Museum of Moscow:

You can buy tickets on the website of the Museum of Moscow, as well as at the box office of the Museum of Moscow at: Zubovsky Blvd., 2, bld. 3, entrance number 3, metro station "Park Kultury.”

Opening hours of cash registers: Tues-Wed: 10: 00-19: 00; Thu: 11: 00-20: 00; Fri-Sun: 10: 00-19: 00. Weekends: Monday and last Friday of the month.

For information on the availability of tickets and dates of excursions, please call 8-495-739-00-08


OPENING HOURS: next days Thu  00:00-00:00
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Ленинградский проспект, 40
125167 Moscow
Moscow region


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