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Museum of Natural History Berlin

The "Museum of Natural History Berlin - Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Science" is an integrated research museum within the Leibniz Association. It is one of the most important research institutions worldwide in the areas of biological and geological evolution and biodiversity.

We study life and planet Earth, maintaining a dialogue with people. Our mission, our vision, our strategy and our structure make our Museum an excellent research museum. We have research partners in Berlin, Germany and approximately 60 other countries. Over 700,000 visitors per year, as well as steadily increasing participation in educational and other events show that we have become an innovative communication centre that helps shape the scientific and social dialogue about the future of our earth – worldwide.  

Alongside knowledge transfer, research and our collection are the main pillars of the museum’s work. The collection ist a unique cultural asset and inextricably linked to our research. It comprises over 30 million items covering zoology palaeontology, geology and mineralogy and is of highest scientific and historical importance.

The permanent exhibitions as well as regular special exhibitions give you an insight into current research at the museum. They highlight original research objects, and visitors are encouraged and inspired to find their own route into research and experience ‘evolution in action’ rather than following a given pathway.


The entrance for wheelchair users is located on the right side of the main-entrance. Please ring the door bell and our security staff will open the door within a few moments.

With electric wheelchairs the museum is accessible by an elevator at the rear of the building. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

The cloakroom, toilets and exhibition areas are all directly accessable from this entrance by stair lift. Our exhibitions are mostly situated on the ground level of the museum. Some rooms are situated on an intermediary level, which are accessible by elevators or wheelchair lifts with up to 250 kg capacity. Only the upper levels of the exhibition hall "The Cosmos and Solar System" are not yet accessible by other means than our staircase. However, we present all content of these exhibitions at a media station on the ground floor. The videos of our interactive jurascopes in the "World of Dinosaurs" exhibition, can also be watched on a big screen, so that there should be no obstacles for visitors with impaired mobility.

If needed, we can also provide wheelchairs. Please contact our service team at the information desk.


Public transportation:
• Subway (U-Bahn), line U6 to "Naturkundemuseum"
• Suburban train (S-Bahn), lines S5/S7 to Central Station ("Hauptbahnhof"), lines S1/S2 to "Nordbahnhof"
• Tram, lines M5/M8/M10/12 to "Naturkundemuseum"
• Bus, line 245 to "Naturkundemuseum", lines 120/123/142/245 to "Invalidenpark"


Single tickets:
• Adults – 8,00 €
• Reduced tickets – 5,00 €

Family and Group Tickets:
• Family card (two adults and up to three children under 14 years) – 15,00 €
• Small family card (one adult and up to two children under 14 years) – 9,00 €
• Adults in groups of 10 people and more – 5,00 €
• Reduced ticket in groups of 10 people and more – 2,00 €


OPENING HOURS: next days Wed  09:30-18:00
Thu  09:30-18:00
Fri  09:30-18:00
Sat  10:00-18:00
Sun  10:00-18:00
Tue  09:30-18:00
Wed  09:30-18:00

Invalidenstraße 43
10115 Berlin


  • Permanent Exhibitions



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