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Kazerne Dossin

“Between 1942 and 1944, 25,484 Jews and 352 gypsies were deported from the 18th century Dossin barracks. Just over 5% returned from Auschwitz-Birkenau. Kazerne Dossin is an intense and unique place of commemoration. The museum deals with the persecution of Jews and gypsies in Belgium. Until mid-1942, the occupier was able to count everywhere on the often supportive cooperation of the authorities. How was that possible? Why this persecution? What did it mean for the victims and how did they react

Kazerne Dossin does not only deal with the ‘Belgian case’ but it is also a museum about massive violence. Taking the Holocaust as basis, Kazerne Dossin searches for timeless mechanisms of group pressure and collective violence that can result under certain conditions in mass murder and genocide. This question touches the core of modern human rights with emphasis on freedom and non-discrimination. The behaviour of the perpetrators and opportunists serves as basis for alerting the visitor to collective violent mechanisms among us and to the possibility to say ‘no’. Such an approach demands a special method. For this purpose, the visitor starts the visit by viewing an introduction movie in which the museum and its disturbing questions are presented.”

View the introduction movie.

“The museum wants to show the spiral of increasing mass violence that ultimately led to genocide. For only that reason, the museum is built up in a strict chronological order. The 25,836 deportees look at the visitors from enormous photo walls, spread over five floors (from –1 to +3). Since 2005 their portrait photos are systematically scanned in the ‘Give them a face’ project. The identity that they regained contrasts sharply with the photos of the goaded masses that persecuted them and ultimately, threatened them with total annihilation.”



The museum makes accessibility for all visitors a priority, regardless of physical, audio or visual impairments. Do you have any suggestions for improving communication, services, signalisation or the facilities? Send an e-mail tofeedback@kazernedossin.eu or enter your suggestions in our visitors questionnaire.


  • Thanks to the wide passageways you can follow the entire museum route. There are elevators in the Memorial and the museum.
  • On each floor you can use folding chairs to visit the exhibition.
  • We have a few wheelchairs that you can borrow free of charge. You can reserve them at our reception desk via reservaties@kazernedossin.eu(minimum 5 days in advance).
  • Our hosts/hostesses are always pleased to offer you the necessary assistance.
  • Eight parking places at the Tinel parking (located right in back of the museum) are reserved for Kazerne Dossin.


  • Your companion has access free of charge.
  • Guide dogs are welcome in the museum and the Memorial.
  • If you are joining a guided tour, please notify your guide in advance. He/she takes this into account and provides the best conditions during your tour.


  • You can watch the introduction movie (including subtitles in Dutch, French and English). Ask our hosts/hostesses for more information.
  • If you are joining a guided tour, please notify our guide in advance. He/she takes this into account and provides the best conditions during your tour.
  • The texts in the museum halls are easily readable and you can use the legend. Most of the testimonies and film fragments have subtitles.



Get off at Mechelen station and take the bus or get off at Mechelen Nekkerspoel and continue on foot.

From Mechelen station (2 km from the museum)
Take bus number 500 (in the direction of Antwerp-Boom-Rumst). Get off at the Nokerstraat bus stop (250m distance).

From Mechelen-Nekkerspoel station (1 km from the museum)
At the exit of the station, walk in the direction of the city centre. Once you cross the water, you turn right into Zwartzustersvest (the city ring). You then take the third street on your left: Frederik de Merodestraat. After about 100m you turn right into the first street: Jodenstraat. Walk to the end of this street. Turn right into Goswin de Stassartstraat. After 100m, you’ll find Kazerne Dossin at your right-hand side.

On the E19, take Exit 9 – Mechelen-Noord (English: Mechelen-North).
Follow the N16 in the direction of Heist-op-den-berg/Lier.
Follow the P-route to the Rode Kruisplein parking.
Walk along Edgard Tinellaan until the junction with Goswin de Stassartstraat (walking distance is 500 m), while passing the renovated train carriage and the old Dossin barracks.
A special parking is provided next to the museum for visitors with limited mobility.

On the E19, take Exit 9 – Mechelen-Noord (English: Mechelen-North).
Follow the N16 in the direction of Heist-op-den-berg/Lier.
Follow the P-route to the Rode Kruisplein parking.
You can board or get off at Edgard Tinellaan, right in back of the renovated train carriage (drop off & pick up zone). Long-term parking is not possible here.
Instead, park on the touring coach parking at the Rode Kruisplein or the Douaneplein in Mechelen.



10 euros adults (individuals - permanent and temporary exhibition)
8 euros adults (in groups - permanent and temporary exhibition)
6 euros adults (temporary exhibition only)
4 euros students (up to 21 years old)
Free of charge
Friends of Kazerne Dossin, children (up to 10 years old), accompanying teachers (1 per group), journalists, ICOM
Other Broeders van Liefde, CartePROF, Davidsfonds Cultuurkaart, FED+, Fonds Vrijetijdsparticipatie, Educpass, European Youth Card, HERITA, International Student Card, Knack Club, Lerarenkaart, Liberale Vrouwen, Markant, Pluspas, Sorties Gratuites, Steunpunt Vakantieparticipatie, UiTpas Mechelen, Vrienden Mechelse musea, Willemsfonds
60 euros Guide.


OPENING HOURS: next days Thu  09:00-17:00
Fri  09:00-17:00
Sat  09:30-17:00
Sun  09:30-17:00
Mon  09:00-17:00
Tue  09:00-17:00

Kazerne Dossin Goswin de Stassartstraat 153 B-2800 Mechelen
2800 Mechelen
Flemish Region


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