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Vis-à-vis eV was founded in 2007 and is an association for promoting contemporary art in rural areas. The artists are Alexander Ewgraf, Tobias Krug and Karl Witti, all of whom live vis-à-vis the village church, as well as the art historian and curator Christian Burchard, also from Eresing. Eresing has become a lively center for contemporary art in Landsberg am Lech with a varied program of exhibitions, accompanying guided tours, lectures, artist talks, youth program and film screenings.

Through the dialogue between local artists and international artists (including Robert Motherwell, Sigmar Polke, Bernd Zimmer, AR Penck, Arnulf Rainer), we are setting new trends that have attracted regional and supraregional attention.


The organization team:

Christian Burchard

Art and design historian, chairman and curator of the exhibition series Vis-à-Vis, grew up in Canada, Australia and South Africa, lives in Eresing. Crafts and business education, development aid in Kenya with DED, study of physics, art, social and economic history at the University of Hamburg and LMU Munich. Staff Gallery Karl Pfefferle, Assistant to the City Museum Munich, Staff Museum Villa Stuck and the German Museum. 1998-2010 Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences, Munich (design history, design theory); Publications for the Goethe Institute (Dossier on Design and Design), Prestel Verlag (Waterhouse), Edition Pfefferle (The Future of Painting - Deggendorf Talks), EOS Verlag (Street Art in the Monastery and Karl Witti-Neue Mythen) . Journal AVISO. Max-Wiederanders-Prize of the City of Munich (1982).

Alexander Ewgraf

Is a Russian-German painter and installation artist who lives and works in Eresing. Ewgraf studied art and applied art at the University of Irkutsk and, during perestroika, directed the municipal museum ibid. Today, he belongs to the group of Russian avant-garde artists who, according to Glasnost, strive for a renewal of gestural-abstract painting and sculpture. Ewgraf has been living and working in Eresing since 2004. Alexander Ewgraf is the founder of the association Vis-à-vis.

Tobias Krug

Is a German glass and multi-media artist and representative of the "Concrete Futurism", lives and works in Eresing. After studying as a glass and porcelain painter at the state vocational school in Neugablonz, he studied art at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Munich, most recently as Masterclass by Prof. L. Gosewitz. Krug lives and works in Eresing. Tobias Krug is a member of the European artists group FREQUENZEN eV In 2016, Tobias Krug, together with the sculptor Franz Ferdinand Wörle, received the Water Lily Prize of the City of Munich. 

Karl Witti

Karl Witti is a German artist, art and theater artist, lives and works in Eresing. Karl Witti studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich from 1967 to 1972 and later became a teacher at the vocational school for wood sculptors and sculptors in Oberammergau. Since 1980 he has been a freelance theater, among others for the Residenztheater Munich, the Kammerspiele in Munich, the ZDF and the Munich Volksstheater. 1990 and 2010 director of stage painting for the Oberammergau Festival. 


Free entry


OPENING HOURS: next days Thu  07:00-22:00
Fri  07:00-22:00
Sat  07:00-22:00
Sun  07:00-22:00
Mon  07:00-22:00
Tue  07:00-22:00
Wed  07:00-22:00
Thu  07:00-22:00

Kirchsraße 1
86922 Eresing


  • Heaven meets Earth - Street Art in the Monastery



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