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Artisana, The Jordan Arts and Crafts Center

The Jordan Arts and Crafts Center; Artisana, was established in 1995. We believe that craftsmen have a thing to tell, an art to showcase and a life to live. By Artisana promoting the works and crafts of local and regional craftsmen, we can together bring back inspiring designs from the past and modernize them to suit our modern day style.

Artisana aims at promoting different designers and craftsmen while marketing their products to different industries that long for that authentic touch that is somehow lost in this mass production world. Individuals and corporates still look for original pieces to decorate their wardrobes and homes. Artisana creates that one stop shop hosting many designers that have been able to sustain their production lines and develop their product in so many ways to be of better use for today’s lifestyle.

Putting that on the side, Artisana also offers reproduction of some important archaeological pieces (replicas) that Jordanians are proud of and tourists seek within their Levant adventures.

Artisana & Gallery14 are proud to host various cultural activities such as art and history lectures, creative panels on crafts and designs, fascinating archaeology, social and socio-political issues, poem and music concerts, Ikebana flower shows and much more..



OPENING HOURS: next days Wed  10:00-18:00
Thu  10:00-18:00
Sat  10:00-18:00
Sun  10:00-18:00
Mon  10:00-18:00
Tue  10:00-18:00
Wed  10:00-18:00

Jabal Amman, 2 Circle,
Khrieshan Street Amman


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