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Het Warenhuis - Museum Land van Axel

A visit to Museum Het Warenhuis a unique experience for the whole family! The history of the region, with the regional dress collection as one of the highlights will be showcased in a special and interactive manner. The museum shows both young and old past times. Do you dare to play the game barcode?The collection is composed of various regional costumes, agricultural implements, farm wagons, archeology and utensils with an emphasis on the 19th century.

The special architecture, historic buildings and restored unique wall and ceiling paintings add an extra dimension to the museum and its collection.

The building

A unique combination of historic values and modern architecture Museum Het Warenhuis consists of two monumental buildings combined with a new part consisting of a modern designed exhibition space.

The national monuments are the former shop in the market no. 2 and ditto house annex were house on the market to no. 2a. Both properties were founded by entrepreneurs couple Antheunisstraat-van den Ierssel.

The property market 2a is a simple house with retail space in format. The original plan is still intact. What makes the property very rare, are the floor, wall and ceiling paintings and decorations from the hand of owner Clement Benedict Antheunisstraat. Who received his training as a master painter and master decorator in Zelzate and Ghent. His work, in a style at the intersection of eclecticism and Art Nouveau, is of very high quality. The paintings and decorations at this property are made between 1909 and about 1920. The late discovered particularity of this house is the reason it is placed on the monument list.

The property market is second in 1920 for the Antheunisstraat family built as a shop / store. It is performed in late transition architecture. The shop has premises in both the ground and first floor. Here was once sold a variety of items. This shop was an important meeting in the core Axel. Also, this particular building has a richly decorated interior, including a shop on cardboard painted ceiling in geometric Art Nouveau, a granite floor and original wall cupboards.

Both the house and in the shop the ceilings are decorated with marouflages. These are, in this case, a total of 21 oil paintings on canvas, which are pasted in recessed areas against the cartons and thus are contained in the whole of the decoration.

The paintings give a remarkable picture of the work of a well-trained, highly talented decorator in the first decades of the twentieth century. Unique!




Wheelchair accessible
The museum is accessible for wheelchair and walker users


Pets are not allowed at all locations. We only make exceptions for specially trained dogs used to accompany disabled, such as guide dogs and other assistance dogs / assistance dogs.





In Axel are several (free) parking. Here are some options in the vicinity of our three locations.

Kinderdijk, opposite the water tower


City Mill and Water Tower
The Axel City Mill and Water Tower can be visited during opening hours free. The opening times can be found on the route and hours.

Groups (minimum 12 people) are also welcome to tour the Axel Stadsmolen and / or water tower. The entrance fee for groups is € 25.00. The opening hours for group visits can be found on the route and times of the City Mill and Water Tower.

 Streekmuseum Department Store
Adults € 7.50
Children under 12 accompanied by parents free
Youth from 13 years to 17 years € 2.00
Holders museumkaart free
School groups € 4.00 per person
15 pupils per mandatory one companion (escort free)
Groups of 10 people € 6.00 per person
Groups from 30 people € 5.00 per person
Guided tour (Ned.talig)
€ 35.00 extra per group

max. 20 persons

Guided tour of German, English and French on request.
Surcharge outside normal hours for groups over 15 people

Morning € 50.00
Evening € 75.00


OPENING HOURS: next days Wed  11:00-17:00
Thu  11:00-17:00
Fri  11:00-17:00
Sat  11:00-17:00

Markt 2,
4571 Axel


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