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The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center

The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center is a cultural and educational project that includes a historical exhibition, temporary exhibitions, an avant-garde center, space for holding public lectures, discussions and conferences, a 4D cinema, a center for tolerance and a children's center. This is a unique platform for open dialogue between people of different cultures, religions and worldviews. The museum is located under the roof of the Bakhmetyevsky garage, designed by K. Melnikov and V. Shukhov

Permanent Exhibition

The permanent exposition of the museum consists of 12 themed spaces each of which covers a certain period of the world and Russian history. Here, one can have rest at Fanconi, an Odessa café, to visit a local market, to study the biographies of Mikhail Romma, Gregory Zinoviev and other representatives of the Soviet politics and culture, to listen to kitchen talks and dissidents’ stories, to honor the memory of the fallen during the Great Patriotic War.

The static elements of the exposition will take on life once touched, and our assistants will answer any questions about the way museum exhibit items work.

So two threads of exposition can be singled out in the Museum, time is the core of each of them. One thread is dedicated to the linear time, history, the second one – to the time of traditions: a sphere of life and circle of Jewish holidays.

The historic thread includes seven blocks: IV–1794, 1795−1913, 1914−1921, 1922−1941, 1941−1945, 1946−1984, 1985 — our days. Analytical maps, Jewish Lives monitors telling the history in the persons as well as interactive installations hidden in the side naves behind the stands with the historic annals describe each of the epochs.

Museum building
The territory given by the Moscow Government was situated close to the already built by that time Moscow Jewish Community Center. It was the Bakhmetevsky Bus Garage, its main garage 8500 square meters in area was built in 1927 as per the design of Konstantin Melnikov, a great Russian constructivist architect, and Vladimir Shukhov, an engineer.
The garage got its name after the street on which it was situated, former Bakhmetevskaya street, now Obraztsova street. The community received it in January 2001, two years after the transportation facilities had moved out.
By that time the building was in a miserable condition, the roof was absent in some places, chaos prevailed inside, it was typical abandoned working space.
The situation set new tasks for the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia – to restore the building of the Bakhmetevsky Bus Garage and to fit the museum into the historic look of the monument of the Russian Constructivism.



Phone:+7 (495) 645–05–50

email: info@jewish-museum.ru

Ticket prices:

Permanent Exhibition
Main category 400 RUB
Privilege tickets 200 RUB
Special tickets free
Special tickets :
Children under 6 inclusive
World War II veterans
Non-working disabled persons of groups I and II, disabled from childhood
Combat veterans and equal-status persons
Army conscripts
Orphaned children an children deprived of parental care, handicapped children
Seniors in state care homes or with disabilities
Museum employees of the Russian Federation and ICOM members

For discounting it is required to show a supporting document.

Main category 300 RUB
Privilege tickets 150 RUB
Special tickets free

Permanent exhibition and exhibitions:
Main category  500 RUB
Privilege tickets 250 RUB
Special tickets free

Pupils in groups — 180 RUB


Address: Obraztsova st, 11, build. 1A, Moscow


Opening hours:
Sunday – Thursday 12:00–22:00
Friday 10:00–15:00
Saturday and Jewish holidays are days-off.


OPENING HOURS: next days Thu  12:00-22:00
Fri  10:00-15:00
Sun  12:00-22:00
Mon  12:00-22:00
Tue  12:00-22:00
Wed  12:00-22:00
Thu  12:00-22:00

ул. Образцова, д. 11, строение 1А
127055 Moscow
Moscow region


  • Permanent Exhibition



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